Required Documents

Required Documents are as follows,
however additional documents may be required depending on each case.

◎ Necessary  ○ If available


○If possible
Documents you need to submitDetails
Application Forms (designated by SJLS)Wrilten by applicant in Japanese/ English

(4 pieces)
Photographs (4cmx3cm)Taken within the last 3 months
Photocopy of Passport・ID page
・Visa you had in the past
・Immigration records if you have been to Japan
Graduation Certificate/Diproma
(from the last school attended)
If you are a current university student. Or graduated the University. Or graduated the high school. please submit one of them below:

・A certificate of enrollment showing the expected graduation date.

・Leave of Absence certificate.
Evidence of Japanese Learning Exprience of studying Japanese Language
(It should include length and & total hours of the course you study)
Submit one of below, please.

・Transcript from university/ high school (including Japanese subject)

・Certificate from Japanese language institute.

・Result of Examination such as JLPT and NAT or JLCT showing your Japanese Language Proficiency.
Proof of Employment
(It should include position, employment period etc...)
①Your Financial sponsor ②If you will become your financial sponsor and you are currently working as full time.
Submit one of below, please.

・A signed Letter of Employment.

・Certificate if Employment

・A copy of the Empolyment Contract
Proof of the Annual Income CertificateThere is a need for more than 2,000,000 yen.
Bank Balance CertificateYou need to submit the transaction details for the last 1 year. There is a need for more than 2,000,000 yen in the bank account.
Photocopy of Residence Card
(both sides)
If you are a resident in Japan