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Japanese Lesson

  • We have 3 course.
    1. One year course. (1year course)
    2. One year and a half course. (1year and 6month course)
    3. Two-year course. (2year course)

  • Small class (under 15 students/ class): You have so many chances to speak in Japanese!

  • Unique class is popular among students: learning words from Manga!
  • Lively and friendly teachers teach you living Japanese!
  • The classroom is always full of students’ smile!

Cross-cultural lesson

Cross-cultural lesson
  • Tea ceremony
  • The way of wearing Yukata (Japanese traditional clothes)
  • Service manner

※ Our "Three-Month Intensive Course" was closed


Beginner class

Beginner class

Our beginner courses consist of small group sizes, which allow each student to receive maximum attention from the teacher.
We focus on the basics of hiragana, katakana, and beginner kanji at slower pace to ensure that all students fully understand each lesson.

Pre-Intermediate Class

Pre-Intermediate Class

This course focuses on basic grammar and common Japanese idioms to give our students a balanced curriculum of listening, reading, writing and speaking.
We also start with the N3/N4 level of the JLPT test.

Intermediate class

Intermediate class

Students in this course will be studying a higher level of grammar and idioms. This is useful in improving the communication ability of our students.
We also aim to have them reach the N2 level of JLPT.

Advanced Class

Our advanced course is designed for students who are taking the JLPT N1 or EJU tests. Study more difficult word and written expression for skill up to Speaking, listening, writing and reading. Also you will study how to write essay(free style and Logical sentence). Our students who graduate this course will be able to communicate fluently in Japanese with native Japanese speakers.